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GrowLab Organics is an innovative, vertically integrated company looking to revolutionise the way we grow, process and utilise cannabis in the British Isles and beyond. 

The company brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts with backgrounds spanning agricultural, horticultural, pharmaceutical, marketing, business and finance. 

Our core business is the production of elite grade CBMPs (cannabis based medicinal products) at our state of the art, EUGMP facility. Our products fall broadly into 3 categories: dried flower, whole plant extracts, as well as isolated cannabinoids and terpenes.

We’ve developed our own blockchain software, GLOchain, to ensure full and complete traceability for all our plants, on their journey from soil to oil. This provenance and quality assurance tool gives unprecedented confidence to customers, partners and regulators.

Our sister company, PLNT, has now cultivated over 63 million cannabis plants across our farms in Sussex and invested heavily in processing infrastructure to position itself at the forefront of Britain’s exciting new hemp industry.

We bring together expertise in cultivation, technology, brand and content to deliver world class cannabis products and services.

At present, both the quality and consistency of medicinal cannabis represent huge problems for both prescribers and patients.
GLO provides a solution to that problem with a vertically integrated, elite-quality, British business with soil to oil traceability across all our products.

Our modular GLOpod cultivation system allows us to recreate and maintain specific environmental conditions for each of our unique medicinal cannabis strains; this ensures complete consistency across batches, uniformity within a batch, but crucially it enables our plants to express their unique chemotype (cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene profile) by providing them with the same environmental conditions as they have evolved to optimise in their place of origin. Learn more…



GLO strives to provide both products with complete traceability, but also to connect our consumers with how and by whom their product was grown and processed.

We achieve this using our proprietary blockchain technology. This provenance and quality assurance tool enables valuable data to be recorded throughout the growth, harvest and subsequent processing of each and every plant but most importantly it allows us to create and enable a firm and meaningful connection between our end consumers and the product they are consuming.

From a combination of our own onsite data collection devices augmented by indepth local meterological data uploaded daily to our blockchain ledger we are able to provide unparalleled levels of detail over each of our plants’ life cycle; from the number of hours of sunlight, irrigation/rainfall to the amount of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere. Collection of these accurate and imutable records extends into each of the subsequent processing steps, alongside accurate cannabinoid and terpene profiling of our end-product with a copy of the certificate of analysis from each respective batch. Learn more…


Our outdoor hemp farming business, PLNT, specialises in organically grown hemp, for seed and stalk and is based in Sussex, SE England. With three UK Government Home Office licenses across our 2200 acres farms we are able to farm rotationally and benefit from our own range of cutting edge farming equipment. Following two years of successful cultivation and over 63 million plants now grown, we have invested in our own on-site processing facility where we are able to produce hemp seed, fibre and shiv. These three base products are then used for myriad downstream products, as well as active R&D projects with some of the most prestigious academic and trade organisations on the planet. Learn more…

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