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We exist to serve our patients

We’ve developed partnerships with patients to grow cannabis strains that better meet the needs of the individual. Working transparently, together we can build a strong evidence base, to help identify which strains work best for which specific conditions.

Our Products

Grown with love
Only the best makes the cut

The team at GLO believes in choice and also that no one person is the same. We understand the endocannabinoid system and are passionate about personalised medicine. We grow organically in living soil and free from pesticides. After harvest each batch is dried and cured to perfection by our master growers and once ready, and tested is made available as either a dried flower product or further processed into a range of batch specific solventless concentrates.



Let's shape the future together

This is a once in a generation opportunity for us all to build the cannabis industry in the right way. Working with and building a community is central to our mission and underpins all our actions.


Full spectrum cannabis content

Explore the the full spectrum of the plants magic in a wide range of content from the GLO team as well as some wonderful guests.

Part 2: How to build a community-owned cannabis company

Part 2: How to build a community-owned cannabis company.

Part 1: How to build a community-owned cannabis company

Join us on this three part series and delve into the detail, hearing from the GLO team - just what does it take to build something that has never been done before?

What is GLOchain?

The Importance of building a value led brand

Multiple Sclerosis & Cannabis

Arthritis and Cannabis

Pain Relief and Cannabis

How long does cannabis stay in the body of an athlete?

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Cancer and Cannabis

Fibromyalgia and Cannabis

Anxiety and Cannabis

Parkinson’s Disease and Cannabis

How to get medical cannabis in the UK for your condition?

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