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GLO is a vertically integrated cannabis company that will produce cannabinoid products from two sites in the British Isles. We are mission driven to create world class cannabis based medicinal products at affordable prices to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our interdisciplinary team of experts collaborate with key opinion leaders, pharmacists, clinicians and physicians to ensure that we create the most relevant products when and where they are needed the most.

How We Grow

Our cultivation philosophy is to create optimal growing conditions for each specific strain that are totally aligned with their specific genealogy and heritage, thereby allowing them to thrive and express themselves optimally.

In order to achieve this we have developed an innovative cultivation system, the GLOpod, that allows total climactic and agronomic control in order to enable the essence of each strain to thrive. In doing so, we have embedded cutting edge technology and horticultural best practice within a bespoke system, that is also modular and scalable.

Often we are cultivating so-called “land races” that have evolved over millennia to adapt perfectly to their surroundings which leads to a more diverse and fuller expression of active compounds within the flowers than are typically seen in modern hybrids.

This enables us to target desirable profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes in order to make elite quality, differentiated cannabis based medicinal products.

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How We Process

Our facilities are being built in accordance with EU GMP standards and will be audited and regulated by the MHRA. These standards cover end to end processes and ensure a clean and consistent quality of end product that instills confidence in prescribers and patients.

Within this setting, we are also using the best-in-class equipment for each stage of the production process. Our preferred extraction method is to use CO2 as a solvent in both subcritical and supercritical states. This ensures optimal output from the perspective of both production and consumption.

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The Plant

Archeological evidence shows us that humans have used cannabis for c. 10,000 years, and the earliest documentary evidence of medicinal use comes from China 2,700 years ago in the “Pen Ts’ao Ching”, perhaps the world’s first pharmacopeia where it was recommended for over 100 ailments.

Since then it has been used for many medicinal purposes at different times and, in this context, it is a relatively recent phenomenon that it has been illegal, less than 100 years in Great Britain.

Due to the versatility and utility of the cannabis species, it has spread all over the world and evolved in diverse geographical locations. Some of these distinct strains are now called “Land Races”, and they tend to exhibit a broader spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes than most of the modern hybrids. From a pharmacological perspective, these land races represent a potential treasure trove of natural, therapeutic compounds.

Cannabis is also one of the most studied plants with thousands of published studies. Whilst very few are randomized double blind placebo control (RDBPC) studies, there is a large body of evidence supporting the case for medicinal cannabis. Some of these studies are discussed in our research section.

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