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Soil to oil quality assurance

Grow Lab Organics strives for organic products with full soil to oil traceability using our proprietary blockchain technology. This provenance and quality assurance tool enables valuable data to be recorded throughout the growth, harvest and subsequent processing of each plant.

As a result we are able to provide unparalleled levels of detail as to plants’ life cycle; from the number of hours of sunlight, to the amount of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere, to accurate records of processing steps undertaken, and also accurate cannabinoid profiling of the end-product.

As well as giving rigorous production and quality control to the business, it also gives confidence to customers, partners and regulators. Furthermore, we have created a mechanism to connect us with the patient or consumer, thus adding value to the customer experience.

We, and our carefully selected partners, also employ cutting edge technology in a GMP grade production facility to process plants and extract oils ensuring maximum yield in a clean and consistent manner.

Why Blockchain for Cannabis

As we move forward in the digital age, the desire for verifiable and traceable products increases, and this is especially true in the area of pharmaceutical cannabis production.

Consumers are increasingly interested in understanding as much as about their consumables as possible; whilst cloud computing has simultaneously enabled both the storage of enormous quantities of data and the ability to connect and centralise a myriad of systems (IoT sensors, machinery and apps, for example), one area of particular concern, to both consumer and producer, is the veracity of the data being collected.

By utilising a cryptographically driven and highly stringent approach to storing our data, such as blockchain, from the point of writing a record, we can ensure that every record is verifiable, unmodifiable and traceable.

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Our Technology

  1. A highly secure API layer hosted on ISO 27001 compliant infrastructure adhering to security management best practices and comprehensive security controls.
  2. A HIPAA compliant cryptographic (RFC4634) database implementation for the storage of all information generated during the product life-cycle.
  3. Publicly available service to view product data
    Fine-grained access controls to allow a variety of use cases (officials, vendors, customers).
    Mapping visualisations for tracking and other useful geospatial information.
  4. Internal tools to enable personnel to securely input data throughout the production process
  5. IoT sensor systems to log environmental data from our fields and labs
  6. Location data processing which integrated with our geospatial visualization tools.
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Our Security

Security is a fundamental component of Glochain, which has been designed from the ground up to mitigate a variety of security risks typically associated with capturing information related to the production and supply of consumables.

Our infrastructure has been carefully selected to meet with HIPAA requirements, this compliance ensures the credibility of the systems which underpin our technology.

This level of security is expanded further to include the following preventative measures:

  • End-to-end encryption (E2EE) to prevent unauthorised eavesdropping.
  • Encryption at REST prevents access to information in the event of a data breach.
  • Database Encryption prevents unauthorised access to data in storage.
  • Access Control Policies (ACP) ensure the correct levels of data access.

Glochain internally maintains an inventory of cryptographic checksums which are used to verify the integrity of all product-related information at any given moment in time.

One of the more crucial aspects of our security is how we govern and monitor user access to the product information, which is implemented using an industry-standard (RFC7519). A JWT (JSON Web Token) is a short-lived cryptographically verifiable token issued by our centralised authorization system which contains an access control policy, used to determine the users’ privileges throughout the duration of their permitted timeboxed usage.

Furthermore, all interactions with our systems automatically generate logs for auditing purposes and to allow usage to be closely monitored and refined.

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